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That’s me. I’m Elizabeth Andersen. Brand and Web Strategist and the Founder of Counterpart.

One of the things I hear most from business owners and entrepreneurs sounds something like this:

“I’m getting ready to start a business and I want to start it off right. I understand the importance of developing a strong brand and the role that a brand strategy plays in setting me up for success, making my marketing efforts more effective and helping me to avoid the marketing confusion and overwhelm that is all too common.”

JUST KIDDING!! In 10 years, I’ve had approximately ONE client tell me this. 

What I really hear are statements more like the this:

“I love my business and my brand but I want to grow bigger & need help really dialing in on my vision.” 

“We’re wasting so much time talking to prospects that end up being a bad fit for us or just don’t have the budget for us. We need to find a way to attract better leads.”

“I’m not really satisfied with my brand. It worked as we got our business off the ground, but it no longer aligns with where we are now. It doesn’t look professional enough.”

“I’m looking for a branding expert/graphic designer who can capture the essence and soul of my business and translate it into a cohesive visual aesthetic as well as the language to use on my website and other materials.”

If you’ve ever felt like they did, you’re not alone.  The majority of companies never get their brand right. They shoot themselves in the foot before they ever get started.

I’ve been helping service-based companies create their brand strategy from scratch or clarify their existing brand for over a decade.

I love working with bold and ambitious business leaders to develop zero-fluff, research-based brand and web strategies that position them to become highly visible, high-growth companies.

Are You Making These 5 Fatal Branding Mistakes?

The Top 5 Branding Mistakes That Are Stunting Your Growth is a must-read, quick guide for ambitious owners and entrepreneurs working on growing their businesses.

Many businesses struggle with: 

  • Feeling like they should be attracting more customers than they actually do
  • Their target audience doesn’t seem to get what makes them, their business, or their products and services unique and special
  • They’re getting customers, but not loving the type of customers

These are all signs that it’s probably time to re-evaluate your branding.

Most business problems can be traced back to a weak brand., and unfortunately, there are a lot of weak brands out there. Is yours one of them? Use this short guide to quickly assess if your branding could be what’s holding you back.

Strategic branding for small businesses with substance & soul

I love small businesses. I started my career helping a family owned software development company from Germany go to market in the USA. I wore so many hats there and learned a ton about what it takes to run a business. Many of my family and friends own and run small businesses. So, even though I’ve worked with “the big guys,” my heart is always seeking ways to use my experiences and skill to help small business owners achieve their goals. 

Brand Strategy & Identity

Get clear on your message and develop a brand that truly captures the essence of your business, will stand the test of time and be able to grow and evolve with you.

Website Design

We build beautiful, technically-sound websites that act as your home on the web and your foundation for all of your marketing efforts.

Graphic Design

Get all of the assets needed to build up and manage a cohesive brand across all customer touchpoints – on and off the web.

Lovely Client Notes

I have been fortunate to work with some amazing clients. I’m so grateful for their kind words and for their commitment to the process.

“It’s working!!!”

“Hi, I hope all is well with you! I wanted to let you know I had 5 clients yesterday and during the night 2 new clients booked online. My new website is working!!!”

Rachel Deschamps

Founder, Radiant U Esthetics

“Our partnership with Counterpart has allowed us to move forward confidently with our marketing efforts.”

Working with the Counterpart team has brought focus to our marketing – putting a strategy behind our efforts so they are targeted rather than a shot in the dark.

Elizabeth is reliable and full of the experience we’ve been missing to move our business goals forward.

Nikki Gagliardo

Director, 729 Solutions

“You could not have said that anymore perfectly. I think I want to cry.”

“You are truly amazing, that is so sweet and beautiful!!! You could not have said that anymore perfectly. I think I want to cry. I think I am going to make this as a poster for all the staff to read everyday.

Lots of Love and Joy.

(in response to the new purpose statement for her business in the brand guide we created)

Samantha Mannarino

Founder, Samantha's Gardens

A few of my favs…

I love my fur babies

I´m most thankful for my family

I love spending time in nature

I love exploring the world

I never miss a chance to have some fun